~~​Meet The Stereotypes~~

CarolCaroline Draper, the most beautiful girl to ever exist (yes, it's scientifically proven and yes she forced us to add this to her bio), is pretty much our main character, and she's a very friendly and optimistic person most of the time, always trying to make people happy. Despite this, she can be extremely aggressive if angered, upset, or rejected, or when Suzy is attacked (She will make your life a living hell if you hurt Suzy). She also LOVES attention, and when she feels like people don't pay enough attention to her, she will do whatever it takes to get them to pay attention to her, even if it involves harassing others. She takes pride in her appearance, and when her makeup is ruined or her face is hurt in some way, she will usually burst into tears and run away crying. She's very obsessive about her friends, usually getting upset when they don't pay enough attention to her. She is also very flirty, and will obsess over anyone she finds attractive. She is EXTREMELY sensitive and emotional when insulted, especially about her appearance. She's usually a much nicer person once you've gotten to know her than she is when just meeting her for the first time. 


RachelRachel Smiley is Caroline's friend and she has a reputation for being calm, aloof, and sarcastic, however people close to her know this isn't exactly true, as she has severe anger problems. She's usually extremely demanding, probably due to her being raised with servants that did whatever she wanted for her, and expects everyone to do what she wants them to. She almost never thinks highly of others, unless they are either as rich as her, have the same opinions as her, or someone she finds attractive. She will bribe people to get them to do things for her, and also often forces her friends to carry her around. Although she judges people, she may make friends with people if they try hard enough. She rarely hangs out with the few friends she has, other than her "servant" Monica (though she probably wouldn't if Monica didn't live with her). Despite this, she will talk to friends if they see her in public. She also LOVES money and will probably do anything for you if you pay her. She's both easily annoyed and extremely agressive when angered, and has sent people to the hospital before. She's also very sarcastic, and hates being touched (unless she's being carried around or paid for it). She can be a loyal friend if someone tries hard enough to bond with her, but if they become her friend they shouldn't EVER get her upset. It's not a pretty sight.


SusanSusan "Suzy" Draper is Caroline's best friend and sister, and she's a desperate girl who spends all her time looking for a date. She's constantly rejected, usually because of her desperation and persistence(not to mention high, nasally voice). She tries desperately, but it never works. Aside from her romantic problems, she also has only 5 friends, the other main characters, who are extremely loyal to her. She spends most of her time drawing, and aspires to be an artist. She thinks of herself as an "Anime Connoissuer", and can spend entire days just watching anime. She's also extremely obsessed with social media and technology, and frequently uses it to try and get a date. In addition, she is UNBELIEVEABLY sensitive, and can be brought to tears over almost anything. She's more often than not a nice person, but usually can be rude if confronted after a rejection, and tries to brush you off if you interrupt her while she's working on stuff. She tries to stay cheerful, but usually fails, and knows that someday she'll find someone. She also steals Caroline's clothes, as she wants to be her.


MonicaMonica Bates is Caroline and Suzy's friend and Rachel's roomate.  She has an interest in computer/electronic related media. She's a diehard video game fan, plays computer games, is extremely tech savvy, and can probably name more facts about music than you ever will, but ony likes music made before 1991. She takes her interests extremely seriously, and hold a grudge if she loses. She's fairly antisocial too, only talking to a few people. She's also lazy, refusing to get a job and occasionally refusing to get out of bed for an entire day. She's also somewhat cocky and vain, and  she won't hesitate to yell at someone if they insult her, no matter how close they are. She's also a complainer, and will complain and moan when doing anything she doesn't want to until you just end up stopping said activity. At heart, her passion is strategy, and loves planning everything out. She also loves playing bass. She was disowned by her father Gil Bates, a famous computer designer for wasting his money, so she lives with Rachel and wastes HER money instead..


DanaDana Valentine is Natalie's "student", possible romantic partner, and best friend, along with being Caroline and Suzy's elementary school friend, and she's very forgetful, klutzy, and overall not very smart. The few things she learns she often forgets immediately. She's obsessed with her hair, and will take hours to get it to look perfect (and also thinks balding is contagious). She's extremely kind to other people, but she might just be so dumb she doesn't know HOW to be mean. She follows Caroline's lead without any hesitation, and she looks and acts similar to her, causing her to be nicknamed "Diet Caroline". She's also very flirty and lustful, but not to the same extent as Caroline. She's also a reckless spender, and has a secret passion for journalism. Natalie tends to force the others to take care of her, as her parents and siblings aren't much smarter than she is, and doesn't let her leave the house without a friend, for her saftey. Some people think she's smarter than she acts, and at least one conspiracy theorist thinks she could be a demon in disguise, but she might be what she seems after all.



Natalie Natalie Labadie is the last of our six girl group, and she's Dana's best friend, and "caretaker" almost never being seen without her. Despite their friendship, Natalie gets annoyed with her stupidity very easily. Natalie only occasionally interacts with the other four girls, but does consider them her closest friends. She's extremely obsessed with math, and does it for fun, but she sometimes bites off more than she can chew. She tries to teach Dana her math skills, but it doesn't go very well. In addition to math, she also loves science, and is obsessed with studying anything the least bit abnormal. Despite her uptight workaholic exterior, she can be more relax if her friends want her to. She loves puns, dogs, and action movies. She hates it when people touch her beret.